Salesforce Amsterdam WIT – First Meetup!!!

Happy!  Happy! Happy!

Finally Amsterdam WIT has kicked off and I must say what a Start ❤

It was definitely much more than what we expected and for that I want to thank every single person involved in any way possible 🙂

16th Dec 2017 was that Lucky Day when Amsterdam WIT has witnessed its first Meetup. With approx. 20 members and more than 15 beautiful ladies participating the atmosphere was magical.

Our group consists of women with different Skill Sets and experience but they all wanted to have their impact felt in technical world and help other fellow women to grow in their life.

9:30am – In the beautiful location of Quiestea Amsterdam, Paul, Sergey, Mannu and myself started setting up the place for Meetup with all beautiful banners, swags etc…

10:30am – Official starting of the event, although we were little skeptical about the turnout because of bad weather and of course this being the first ever Meetup but we were surprised and happy when we saw people coming one by one 🙂

We started with delicious snacks consisting of different cakes and sandwiches with variety of tea which everyone enjoyed to the core. This was also a get-together time, participants have made some wonderful connections. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we exceeded the supposed allotted time for it. And that was exactly the motive for the meetup to make women comfortable, so that they have feeling that’s it’s their own group 🙂

11:30am – We started with the introduction round which consists of the below components:

  • Name
  • Home Country and how long been they are living in Amsterdam
  • Company and work experience
  • Expectation from Salesforce Amsterdam WIT Group
  • Suggestion/Topics which they want us to cover in future

This session went of really well, we came to know about variety of ideas and some of which I will be covering at the end.

12:30pm – We talked about Salesforce: had presentation on What is Salesforce and Trailhead. It was a good insight for everyone on how to learn Salesforce and how to keep yourself up-to-date with Salesforce.

1pm – To end the session with smile we have distributed swags to everyone as first Meetup souvenir. Thanks to Paul and Sergey for arranging those 👍🏻

Topics which our audience wants to go in Details in future Meetup:

  1. Keeping track of what’s new in Salesforce (Future of Technology like IoT, Analytics etc…)

Salesforce is Big and I am so proud and happy that there are so many new features comeing into picture every quarter. Not only Salesforce Admins/Developers but also Salesforce Customers wants to have knowledge of that, so that they can decide what is useful for their business scenario and how they can implement it.

  1. How to learn and new features

In connection with the earlier point, once people are aware of the new features, they also wants to know how to learn or better understand the new features to put the thoughts into action for their benefit.

  1. Salesforce how to Learn

People are well aware of Trailhead and found it really interesting and fun  way to learn. But it can be a little overwhelming for a newbies (Trailhead have some awesome Trailmixes and Admin, Developer and Business users track with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced complexity level ). So, they wanted to have some guidance to proceed.

  1. How to approach Recruiters – especially if you are switching carrier to Salesforce

We are lucky to have people who are about to start their Salesforce journey may be from some other Technology or may be altogether from another field.

They have some hurdles while finding a new job, they wanted future meetups to address this issue on ‘how to reach Recruiters and drafts Resume to get maximum calls’.

  1. Salesforce specific Problems/ Problem solving small groups

People working with Salesforce face challenges sometimes and a helping hand is always welcomed. Participants wanted to have meetings where they can discuss day to day technical difficulties and other can suggest and help to find solutions.

  1. Meeting Hackathon

There is an awesome idea on Hackathon. Some participants were really looking forward to have a dedicated day were they can create a hypothetical/Real Life useable software.

  1. Apex Code – how to proceed

Some participants wanted to have road map to learn Apex and other coding related topics.

  1. Public speaking

Participants really find the first event format effective as they can upto some extent came out of the fear of Public Speaking and wanted to have more similar kind of meetups so that they will be comfortable with speaking to strangers and speaking in front of an audience.


Did I mention the awesome people who helped me for the Meetup?

Paul Ginsberg – One of the most enthusiastic person I have ever met, being Group Leader of “Amsterdam Salesforce User Group” he is ready to support whenever and wherever asked 🙂

Sergey Erlikh – He is Salesforce MVP and “Netherlands Non-Profit User Group” Leader. He is always the support system with plenty of innovative ideas 👍🏻

Manmohan Singh (Mannu) – Salesforce Solution Architect and a very sound Developer, no code can skip him 😉 He always support in all events and at every level.



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