My Journey from Saleforce to SalesforceOhana

Thinking of writing Blogs, and the first question was on What!…., there are literally unlimited Subjects new, old, hot, not so hot 😉 , easy, complex etc… very difficult to decide; after all its my first blog in Salesforce, so needs to be special and what could  be more special then SalesforceOhana 🙂

I realized why not tell about me becoming part of SalesforceOhana. Although every person who in anyway related to Salesforce are considered part of Ohana but the time when you actually start interacting with your fellow people and you both get benefitted with each other, you truly become part of Ohana 👍

I started my carrier from being a Sales Executive and then working for several other CRM system and finally landing on Salesforce and realizing that Ya! This is what I was waiting for 🙂

We are individuals and we have our own set of strength and weakness. And in due course we all try to transform our Weakness into Strength… I started with doing very basic Salesforce Configuration and when I say basic it was really very basic I need not to even think of logic while doing any work 😀

I am lucky that I have a very supportive Husband who also works in Salesforce and very good technically/pragmatically. But I was just the beginner I wanted to learn with my own speed and my own level and of course no one person generally have that much time. So, I was like Bhavna – tumse nah o payega ( you will not be able to do it).

At last like any other individual I also Googled and realized that there are so many activities going on…. In the beginning I was confused but good thing was I always used to get solutions… may be via some article, success community, blogs etc….

Till this point I am moreover like a receiver of information. Then I joined Dazeworks… to be frank that time, I was not even familiar with the concept of MVP but yes guessed as name suggest it will be something big. There I slowly start realizing importance of all the MVPs, Group Leaders, Success Community Leaders, Bloggers and every single person who helped me and many other to shape their carrier. So, I decided I will also do my part … Although I took a good amount of time for thinking but finally I started…

So, now I am Amsterdam Women In Tech Leader and active Success Community Leader. Just want to specify that I learn at every event and from every question in success community. Thanks to every single individual who directly or indirectly helped me or motivated  me. I really want to mention so many names but then the article will become to lengthy as our Ohana is really big 🙂

Cheers to Ohana!!!


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