Get Inspired – Meet the Power Women!

One word – INSPIRED!

Amsterdam WIT and its members are really fortunate to have such wonderful speakers for the event.

Thursday 22nd March 2018, Amsterdam WIT had their 2nd meetup. At the beautiful backdrop of Salesforce Office, we had a wonderful venue which is equally equipped for both onsite and remote speakers. By  5:30 pm audience started coming in and start their session with warm falafel and kapsalon.

Networking is one of the most important part of any Salesforce User group events and we made sure that we give our members sufficient time for that. I really appreciate all the women and men who came to show their support and wanted to get benefitted by the event.

Our first session was with amazing Ines Garcia, such a lovely person and dear friend. She has spoken about her journey with Salesforce world and how she become a Salesforce MVP. Some of the key points touch based by her:

Next we had smiley Gemma Emmett, I love her smile and how she makes everyone around her happy. She entered the video room with glass of wine and we joined her with beer in our hands. She shared her life’s journey in Salesforce world with some really good pics 🙂  . Her motivational speech on how you can always get back in the game from any place and situation you are, is really inspiring. Some of the major points covered were:

  • Her journey with Salesforce from being Salesforce Admin, Consultant and finally Solution Architect.
  • How she recovered from a serious illness and not only stand back on her feet but also excel.
  •  Starting one of the most important group #LadiesBeArchitect, the concept/group which helps and promote Ladies to be a Salesforce Architect.
  • How to be certified – not to forget she is currently having 16 Salesforce certificaiton.
  • Time management when you have kids.
  • Various groups who help and promote women from all backgrounds:
    •  Salesforce Super Mum
    •  Ladies be architect

Last but not least we had our own Salesforce Regional VP Anouska Post, I felt so much energized whenever I get an opportunity to speak to her, Also she is the one who is always ready to help you in any possible way. I am really thankful to her to be a speaker at such short notice and for sharing so many important points:

  • Salesforce as a technology company
  • Salesforce as a philanthropic company
  • Salesforce related job posting prediction for up coming years
  • GirlsDay –
  • How to promote equality in ecosystem
  • Salesforce initiatives for equality

The highlight of all the sessions were the Q&A where people have asked plenty of questions for their specific life scenarios and how to improve it. We literally have to cut the series because of time crunch 😀 And a big applause to all our speakers to patiently listen to all the questions and give their valuable inputs to the audience.

Everyone were already in high spirits and we topped them with awesome swags.

Few Swags 😉 Thanks G-Company for the wonderful tree Chocolate (y)


 We are planning to have our next meetup soon and will try to top the fun and learning from this session. Meanwhile you can follow these awesome speakers on Twitter and LinkedIn. I know they are super helpful and can help you in any possible way.

 Until next meetup, Keep Smiling 🙂





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